After the Ink Dries

Howard Printing Co. offers many services in addition to printing. With the most popular binding options, Howard can provide you with the best choice for your booklets, magazines, catalogues, or newsletters. Extra services such as perforation, scoring, and die-cutting allow you increase the functionality and impact of your materials. Here’s a quick overview of some of the extras Howard has to offer.

Saddle-Stitch Binding

With this type of binding, multiple pages are nested together and stapled in the middle. This bindery method is good for page counts up to 100 with books that have trim sizes up to 10×14 inches. It’s the most popular binding style because it’s fully automated on our high-speed Mueller-Martini saddle-stitcher, making it very economical.

Saddle Stitch

Perfect Binding

With perfect binding, the pages are stacked and glued on one edge. Perfect binding is a good solution when catalogue and magazine page counts exceed 100, and when a publication title needs to be visible on the book spine.

Perfect Binding


Wire binding is a good option for catalogues and magazines that must lay flat.

Wire-o Binding


Perforation is a series of small cuts that allow one portion of the paper to easily tear off from the rest. It works well for mail-back responses or order forms that customers can return while keeping the rest of the brochure.


Hole Punching

Hole punching allows customers to place the booklet into a three ring binder.

Hole Punch


These outside loops allow the booklet to be kept in a three-ring binder without having to drill holes. This means you don’t have to leave inside margins for the holes, which gives you more room for images and text. Howard is the only printing company in the Kalamazoo area with loop-stitching capabilities.

Wire Stitch


A score is a crease that allows even heavy paper to be folded squarely without paper cracking.



Unique shapes can be cut from the paper to make your materials stand out.

Die Cutting

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Susan Helmholdt
Western Michigan University
Guest Blogger
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