Let’s Talk about Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders (often called pocket folders or media kits) provide an efficient method of organizing loose sales material or company literature. The impact of catalog sheets, price lists, reprints, proposals and letters of introduction is greatly enhanced when presented in a convenient and organized manner. Presentation folders invoke a reader’s maximum attention and become the ultimate take-away—ensuring the retention of your materials by clients or prospects. Additionally, in an era of random email blasts and fatiguing e-communications, a paper folder projects a solid, fine-tuned, professional image for any company or organization.

Howard Printing has been producing presentation folders for more than 80 years. We start by printing large sheets of fine paper, then die-cutting the sheets to any shape requested. Total customization allows our clients to select the weight, color and texture of paper best suited for their corporate identity and end use. We always include overall aqueous coating when printing folders that have been specified on a coated paper. In addition to offset printing we can add spot UV coating, foil stamping, blind embossing, or combinations of foil-plus-emboss. Our Moll Folder-Glue system fully automates the construction process of die-cutting, scoring, folding, and gluing pockets.

Pocket folders are often described in two ways, as: in-stock die-cut or custom die-cut. In-stock simply means the printer pulls an existing cutting die from inventory and allows the customer to use it for no charge. Custom die-cut means the printer will create a new cutting die that meets the customer’s exact specifications for overall shape, size and pocket-configurations.

The most popular U.S. business presentation folder holds 8.5×11-inch inserts and has two 4-inch pockets. Slits in one or both pockets hold a horizontal or vertical business card. A final folded dimension of 9×12 inches works with other collateral materials, fits in filing cabinets and is an attention-getter when mailed. The illustration below shows typical folder features and dimensions for this in-stock folder.


During the many years we have been manufacturing presentation folders, we have developed a large and interesting inventory of in-stock cutting dies that are available for client use for FREE. Schematics for some of these dies follow. Selecting one of these dies for a folder order saves you money because there are no original die-making charges.


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